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The Visitor

Welcome to Rode school amazing tale, which journeys all around our incredible village.
This story begins in the courtyard at Rode first school.
Chapter one

The beginning

I am a visitor here at this site,
I'm here to show you things hidden in plain sight.
I look and I listern and feel till I see,
The stories hidden in everyday things around me.

Some see a stone or a wall or a tree,
I see their past, what made them to be.
All things have a story, have left behind clues,
We often ignore them and ignorance choose.

My task is enlightenment, to open your eyes,
Myriads of stories are here to surprise,
Tales of dragons and battles and mystical lands
Are all around you, within touch of your hands.

So follow my directions
Let your mind wander free,
Dispel beleif
Give your imagination to me.

Are you ready to see the wonderland that is your school?
Chapter two

Maddy Anna

If you dive down,in to this vent you will find a slightly green,small goblin.His name is Gobsmack.He lives underground.He carrys his satchel with stolen things in. He is a mischievous goblin.He can also turn invisible! His favourite food is bogies (especially his own)!His favourite teddy is Mr.Peas and Its a little pea pod that has 4 peas in.He can get very grumpy when he dosn't get his sleep.Now go to the next part and find the next thing!!P.s he has a pet rat.Q:If you knew him would he be your friend?
Q:if you were a goblin where would you live?Q:added to that would you be big or small?
Walk out of the gate and turn right then past the school and look for a brown door on your right.
Chapter three


One night in a dark cave there's a secret door that led Sid to a tied up bag and had marbellous magic its name is
Poppy and has gaudy colours. It was tied to a symbol and the symbol meant help but no one knew about it and the symbol had a secret dent on it. The room had gas and bugs in it the magic was scared and said "you're going to be aright"

It has flowers around it with a tree in front on the door it has 9 windows the window has spots on it and a black letter box the door is made out of wood and a mini burglar alarm it's path is made of bricks in Sid the magic will inspire you!

Walk along High Street until you see a house on your right with crossed supports.
Chapter four

Alfie Gabriel

Once a upon time there was a man who liveed in this big mansion all his life. On an amazing sunny day he stepped out with a cheap bottle of water from ASDA in his bag. He was looking at the sky when the bottle fell out and splattered everywhere.

Oh dear, he said, oh no I have to get another one now.

and this strong man thew the pavmant in to Japan and hit a Bugatti Varon Flew back in to England and then the Romans use it to build roads!
Walk along a bit more. Look down, you will see a small door near the ground.
Chapter five

Rachel Daisy

Once there were two sisters called Daisy and Rachel. They went to pick some fruit and they saw a door. "Look there's a door!"Cried Rachel happily.
"It's very small! It's bricked up too. How are we going to get through?" Daisy told Rachel.

Rachel leant against the door and had a drink because it was a hot day. Suddenly the bricks turned into dust and fell to the floor. Daisy started to laugh. Rachel got up and she dusted her dress off.

Almost by magic a person with bunny ears and a bunny tail hopped past them and they tried to follow it." How can we catch up with him." Daisy panted tiredly.
"I don't really like it here !" Rachel whispered in Daisy's ear.

Suddenly the bricks filled in the door again and shut them in! " We're trapped!" They shouted together. They were running around trying to find a way out. They were running around for about an hour until at last they found a door to get out, and they went through the door and they forgot all about the adventure they had had. They skipped home and Daisy gave the fruit to their mother. After they ate the berries in the garden with their mother.
Cross the road carefully, continue up high street until you see a door knocker shaped like a ship.
Chapter six

Daniel Elliot

One day Edward Kenway was being chased by a pack of guards, unfortunately he accidentally ran into a tree and the guards took him on a boat and then locked him in the brig. Luckully he saw a gaurd close by with a sword and a pistol. In the corner of the room he saw a rock and threw it, fortunately it hit the gaurd in the nog'gin and he fell over, dropped his sword and pistol. he grabbed the pistol and he shot the lock and escaped (well...almost), after that he had to climb out of the brig and crawl past the guards, climb into a dingee and escape to mele Island which is a very dangerous place.(A He could do it that way or B run out screaming also obviously getting caught and of course he picked B)so he ran out of the brig like he was a child, everybody saw him then climbed into the dingee and rowed off to mele Island.(and the story rewinds)
Continue along High street till you see a garden with a well and an eagle appear in your iPad.
Chapter seven

Neve Lilia

Most people will see a tree with a bird box in, but look closely at this particular one, and the truth will be revealed that this is not any ordinary bird-boxed tree; we have a friend to meet! If you look closely enough, at occasional times, you will see a little friendly elf! But right now he is away collecting some food.

This elf is quite old and wrinkled. He lives all alone in his bird box. His name is Acorn. Acorn is extremely wise. There is a key hole and Acorn has a pet owl wich comes in useful because he will whistle twice and the owl will come, forming his beak as an alternative for a key!

Acorn wears ragged green clothes with an orange hat, complete with a baby peacock feather stuck into the brim. He also has an extremely long beard wich goes down to his neatly buttoned up chest. Right beneath his bird box is a bird bath, wich means that sleep walking is forbidden! The bird bath is also where he washes himself.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the magical hunt!
Chapter eight

Chapter nine


One day a little boy called Tom that has dark brown hair found a secret garden and he went in to investergate .It diden't look like anyone lived in the The garden had a lot of dark green trees and also light vilots to .make up your own ending to the story
Chapter ten

The magical wishing well

There once was a Eagle named Flyer, Flyer had a wish to get all the Evil wizards away so he flys to the magical wishing well for all his wishes to come true. To make the wishing well do its magic, we have to jump in the well and whisper your wish to the wonderful wishing well.

Before Flyer could jump in the well a wizard waved his wand and said said magic words which sounded like 'freexnplink' and Flyer the Eagle froze with his wings spread out, stood on the edge of the wishing well but a magical owl came and put a spell on the Eagle. So when the clocks struck midnight you will get one chance to find a hidden key. So that night the clock stricken midnight and the Eagle came alive once more, and went to find a key.

He looked everywhere down lower street and along high street but there was no key to be found so Flyer went to his last stop the Post Office and saw something shiny hanging on the letter E of the post office sign he picked it up it was a key! He found a lock unlocked it with the key and saw that the wizard had melted now Flyer is happy once more.
Keep walking until you see a cream gate with a number 5 on it.
Chapter eleven

Magical five

Look at the gate, you should see a cream kind of gate with a mysterious 5. Now look closer, there is a small round button. Not many people. Olive it, but if you do and decide to press it, a massive disco ball comes down from the sky and all the clouds start turning green, blue, red and yellow. Then a portal opens to a tropical beach.
Chapter twelve

Magical 5

Chapter thirteen

The parth of shock

Just around the corner lies a shocking little path, and at the end of it there is a fence. In the fence there is a door, behind that door is an invisible house with a lovely little goblin living inside.

He really is not bad, kind and friendly, and a tiny bit mad, he is all pink and scaly and has sparkling emerald eyes. He is a little like my friend Maddy P but under disguise.

There is also a little portal though it looks like a puddle so be careful were you step you might end up in a muddle. The portal leads to..... I Don't know. How about you make up a land and the next time you see me tell me all about it.

Keep walking to Dower Cottage.
Chapter fourteen

Ryder Charlie

Chapter fifteen

Bush Head and the Skeleton Shooter!

If you look deep into a bush on the side of the street, you might see some small glinting things. These things are bits of rubbish. 'How did they get there?' I hear you ask. Well, the truth is, a little person called Bush Head lives in the bush. He is called that because his hair is a box shape and is green. Nobody knows why he chose to dye his hair such a horrible shade. Anyway, When nobody's looking, Bush Head sneaks out of his strange home of choice to collect rubbish. He then goes back home at the end of the day and makes awesome things out of the rubbish. The best thing He's ever built is a robot iPad called iPad. One day, Bush Head was out looking for rubbish when he fell down the drain. He came face-to-face with a skeleton with 2 giant guns and a big black hat on!
Turn left down the road by pre school.
Chapter sixteen


The magic doorway!
Once there was a wooden doorway in a tree.
It was very interesting so I touched it and it moved so I quickly took my hand away. I Touched it again. Suddenly it slid in and a mouse came out of the hole and when it looks you in the eyes you turn into a mouse. The Mouse that lives in the hole is brown with a white tail. You have to find a poishen if you want to turn back into a human!
So I found a obstacle hoping that at the end would be the poishen so I got across the obstacle. I found the poishen so I drank it then I was a human again!
Chapter seventeen


One day there was a little girl called Natalie. She was playing near a tree. Suddenly she saw something engraved on the tree. When she got closer she saw a normal tree, but when she got even closer she saw something that said "bod chicha bo na na noo nana".
So she said it out loud and the tree split open so she walked through it expecting to go through it, but instead she came into a land called "the three wishes" where you get 3 wishes. If you use the wishes up you go out of the tree.

Would you go into the tree?

Down the road past pre school you will a Gnome hill on your right.
Chapter eighteen

Daniel S

I walked down the path and you think you would see one house, but there are loads of houses. All the knockers are animals and they come to life!
The knockers get powered by the light, the day animals are powered by the sun and the night animals are powered by the moon.
When you stare at the knockers they don't move, but when you look away they start to move again!
The only way to see them play is to get a camoflage camera and hide it in the bush.
Chapter nineteen

Evie Amelie

Chapter twenty

The Gnome Hill

Once there was a king that romed the gnome hill. Every day he asked his servants monkey and kitten to fetch some corn but the pheasant keeps eating it. So the tiered animals keep haveing to go back to get some more corn. The king wears a red cloak with white fluf round the sleeves and he sits on a golden throne with a maching crown.

Gnome hill is a small hill with Dasiys on top. Surrounded by plants and flowers.
Keep walking till you see house number 24.
Chapter twenty-one

Toby Tobias

One day Bob was doing his normal routine witch is running around the room eating cereal.Bob decided to go to sleep in the middle of the day at 2oclock.
When Bob woke up he went downstairs noticing his tv was gone
He was robbed!! Luckily he found the robbers hat he put the hat to Bobs pet pigs nose and the pig had the robbers scent straight away and he went to the robbers house.
Just past the fenced in water pump on your left you will see a rose in a glass doorway.
Chapter twenty-two

The enchanted rose

There was a girl called Molly, molly has long brown hair down to her shoulders she has hazel eyes and and pretty olive skin, her ears are pierced and she always wears beautiful rose earrings.

One day Molly was playing in her local park trying to think of a way to get her homework done and in on time. As Molly was looking around the park she spotted a big red rose. The rose was different from all the others it seemed magical as it sparkled in the sun light. She reached out to touch the rose but as she did it soared into the air,
Molly chased after it but it was too quick for her and it placed it's self on this very door and it's still there today, but that little girl is now long gone. If you want to find her then you have to find the next enchanted red rose.
Chapter twenty-three

Maddie Eleri

On the corner of lower street you will see a black door with a black door knocker.
Chapter twenty-four

Ruby Libby

Camouflaged on the black door is a frozen lion face. He is very greedy and loves to eat meat but he is extremely friendly.

Why is he so greedy ?
Why is it frozen?
How did it get there?
If you were a door knocker what would you be?
Why is it black?
Who is it's family?
Walk safely back to school.
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